Everything You Need to Know About Termites in Jupiter Florida

Physical Description and Identification of Termites Many people know of the damage termites cause, but are unsure when they are in actual contact with a termite. While many people see termites as simply being “white ants”, the public must understand that white ants don’t exist.  If you are seeing a white or semitransparent “ant”, it’s […]

How to Prevent Termite Infestations in West Palm Beach

Our experts at ProControl not only treat West Palm Beach termite infestations, but will work with home and business owners to actively prevent termite infestations. Below are our top recommendations to help keep termites at bay. Control Moisture In order to survive and thrive termites need a fair amount of moisture and we know West […]

5 Warning Signs of Termite Infestation – Port Saint Lucie, FL

When living in Port Saint Lucie, Fl, residents know there is no insect “season”. Keeping intruding insects at bay is a constant battle for home and business owners. When dealing with any of the six types of termites found in the great sunshine state, there are typical signs and symptoms homeowners should look for when […]