Famous People From Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

Famous People From Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

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Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, is America’s center point for billionaires, and socialite specialists. They come from various industries and are now some of the leading figures of the 21st century. Some were born there, others came by themselves as they were all attracted to the beauty of the area. Let’s name a few.

Tony Robbins in Palm Beach Gardens

Motivational guru Tony Robbins acquired his private property in Palm Beach. The property covers 12,124 square feet and has many amenities such as:

  • A wine cellar
  • A press room
  • A large modern swimming pool

Shortly after buying it, Tony spent $10 million on extra renovations. Yet that is a paltry sum for the genius of self-motivation. Helping people is a job that does pay well.

Robbins has coached the world’s wealthiest men, including Bill Clinton. He’s on a quest for all-powerful mental strength. His Instagram account is now followed by more than 2 million followers. His conferences bring together thousands of raving fans. Netflix has dedicated a documentary to him. Each of his books is a bestseller.

Kevin James in Palm Beach Gardens

Comedian Kevin James bought his magnificent 25,834 square foot mansion in Palm Beach. It has cost him $18.5 million. The property is all equipped and contains:

  • Ten bedrooms
  • A saltwater pool
  • A spacious courtyard
  • A quality spa
  • A special room to play pool
  • A garage that can fit up to eight cars

How did he get to that point? He is famous for his role in the series A Guy from Queens as well as in the films When Chuck Meets Larry and Buddies Forever. It was while participating with friends in a comedy play that he realized that acting was for him.

Kevin James took his first steps in the cinema, in the film Love and Amnesia, in 2004. That year he also married Steffiana De La Cruz, whom he met on a blind date. In 2005, he landed his first notable film role. He played alongside Will Smith in Hitch expert in seduction. Then, he made an encounter that was to give a boost to his film career. This is the great Dennis Dugan. This is then followed by the most important roles of the actor.