Famous People from West Palm Beach, Florida

Famous People from West Palm Beach, Florida

Everybody needs to live in heaven, including famous people. There is a considerable rundown of celebrities who live in West Palm Beach, Florida. Find out where they live, and you might be paying attention to your neighbors next time!

Bill Gates in West Palm Beach

picture of bill gates

As one of the most extravagant men on the planet, Bill Gates claims many properties across the United States. As anyone might expect, one of those spots is West Palm Beach.

Since 2017, his foundation has been funding studies on the progress made in the fight against: 

  • Malnutrition
  • Child mortality
  • Diseases such as HIV

Besides his foundation’s work, Bill Gates has been also involved in many other areas of:

  • Philanthropy
  • Innovation
  • Health

He has made significant donations to Alzheimer’s research. His foundation funds medical research on vaccines. Today, it revolves around Covid-19. The foundation produced electronic patches that let know which populations have been vaccinated. Its actions in this area have been the subject of major fake news campaigns.

He is also involved in the concept of smart cities. He is participating in the development of Belmont, a prototype of such a city. He has also donated hundreds of millions of dollars in support of education. Especially to help libraries make the digital transition.

Howard Stern in West Palm Beach

howard stern with okay sign and smiling

As per Forbes, the news tycoon earned $95 million out of one single year. He took a little segment of his profit and purchased a home in Palm Beach. As the most noteworthy buy in the province, Stern burned through $52 million on the home. The oceanfront bequest boasts 39,094 square feet of living space. It has two habitations on the property.

Television opened its doors to him in 1986, when he joined the Infinity network. He revealed himself to the general public in the show Late Night with David Letterman on NBC.  The host with a strong personality later produced his own show, The Howard Stern Show. He also produced his Howard Stern show shown on E! which was broadcast for 11 years. In 2006 he signed a five-year contract with Sirius Satellite Radio. In 2012, he became the jury of America’s Got Talent.