Subterranean Termites West Palm Beach


Determining the scale of a subterranean termite infestation is not that easy. Termites attack from the ground. This gives them a lot of room to work around with and find different passages to the same basic goal. You need some professional assistance.

Are Termites in West Palm Beach Dangerous?

The biggest danger about infestations by termites in West Palm Beach is that they grow very fast. They spend at an alarming rate. Since these insects feed off wood, they may and will cause a lot of damage to your home. This includes your door frames, your windows, or your floorboards. Everything made out or containing wood.

Usually, people don’t realize that their termites invade their home. They only realize it once it is already well into its cycle. This means that imminent and effective solutions are much needed. Before doing anything else you may want to trace the source of the infestation. In most cases, you will find termites getting into your home from your cellar. This is because they work underground. For the most part, they are building tunnels and underground passages to remain safe.

Their nests are usually kept far away from the area in which there is no deadwood anymore. Termites are famous for being food for a big number of other animals. For this reason, they have a well-developed defense system.

Termite workers:

  1. Chew up the wood,
  2. Build the nest,
  3. Take care of the young ones.

Termite warriors:

  1. Maintain a decent safety level,
  2. Defend all members of the swarm.

Termite queen and king:

  1. Remain close to the core of the nest,
  2. Control the hundreds of eggs dispatched every hour,
  3. Ensure the increasing numbers of family members.

How to Deal With Termites in West Palm Beach?

Proper termite inspections take a couple of days. The extent of the damage is then determined. giving an important factor for the next step – extermination. Generally, there are plenty of solutions for the extermination of the termites. But not all are appropriate for all cases of infestations.

Fumigation is to be one of the most efficient methods. But it requires the highest amount of investment and you also need to evacuate your home for a couple of days. Due to the effectiveness of this method, it is still the most popular method out there. It takes proper care of any termite infestation case. ProControl has found better alternative methods from fumigation that we will review case by case basis.

It has been evident many times that you can take care of all the termites which have been in the house. Due to the nature of the gas used for this procedure, it’s going to be spread amongst the termites as well. It will reach the core of the nest and get rid of the queen of the swarm.

ProControl Experts Will Assist You All The Way!

Do you want to proceed with eliminating termites in your property? Call ProControl Services at (888)466-9772. After their intervention, you can consider the termite nest eliminated. There will be no more eggs dispatched which means that the termites won’t get any reinforcement.