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Bees are ecologically useful. Their nesting habits have often brought them into close proximity with humans. Unlike wasps, most species of bees are not aggressive by nature. They only become so if provoked or if their nests are disturbed. But since some species are very aggressive, trying to move a swarm of wasps can be very dangerous.

Did you find a bee nest near your home or in an area where it is likely to pose a risk to humans? If yes, it is best to hire professionals to remove the bee nest. For bee removal in West Palm Beach, get in touch with ProControl Services.


How do you locate a bee nest?

The nest of bees, wasps, and hornets is similar to a paper ball. Most often they build their nests:

  • In roof ledges
  • In walls’ cavities
  • Between the branches of trees or shrubs
  • Under the structure of the galleries
  • On the ground for the most aggressive ones

In extreme cases where the carpenter bee repeatedly nests in the same location. If this happens, the structural integrity of the nesting site may be compromised. Similarly, leafcutter bees cause aesthetic damage to plants by cutting leaves. They may also damage the stems where they nest.

If you see a nest of bees, keep in mind that it is always better to call in specialists to do the work safely. Exterminators are well trained. They have the necessary equipment and the right products to destroy bees’ nests. Not to mention the fact that they offer the guarantee that the insects will not come back to settle again.


How to get rid of bees?

Some aerosols are strong enough to kill bees when they come in contact with them. Other sprays are a little more natural, but they may not work as quickly or give good results. These different types of sprays should be applied directly to the nest. This kills the bees permanently.

If you are allergic to insect stings or if you are afraid of being attacked, you can call in a specialist. At ProControl Services, the estimate is free, and the service is fast and friendly. We use approved products for this type of problem. They are safe for the environment, for humans as well as for your pets.


How can a bee infestation be prevented?

Preventing a bee infestation is important for your well-being and your health, but also for the health of the bees. As with all parasites, the most important thing is not to allow your home to become an attractive place for bees.

Bees generally exhibit non-aggressive behavior. But during more serious infestations they can sting and attack humans and pets. The most practical way to get rid of bees properly and protect against bee infestations is to use a professional pest management service.

Solving your pest problem is our number one priority. We make every effort to listen, understand and assess your specific needs. Ask for a free, no-obligation estimate for a customized pest management program today.