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Whether you own a business, a home, or work for the community, mosquitoes are a problem that must be addressed. From Alaska to Florida, mosquitoes will absolutely dominate an area if left untreated and free to breed. There are over 175 species of mosquito in the United States alone, with 80 being found in Florida. In all species, the females are the biting culprits. Interestingly enough, a mosquito doesn’t bite you for food. Both male and female mosquitoes eat nectar or similar plant sugars. Female mosquitoes, however, must have the gathered blood to create needed proteins for up to 300 eggs she can lay at any given time. With so many being “born” at a time, they are difficult to control, especially where water sources are abundant and temperatures are pleasant.

Why Mosquito Control is Necessary

Believe it or not, Mosquitoes are considered the most deadly insect in the world as they transmit a variety of illnesses to their victims causing many deaths every year. According to the World Health Organization, Malaria alone killed over 405,000 people in 2018. Mosquitoes feed day and night and are not at all picky in who they target. All outdoor animals are subject to their bite and, at times, this can drive animals almost to insanity. For humans, we use options such as insect repellent sprays and bug zappers, but this requires you to be directly in the area of the bug zapper and still most will come to you rather than the zapper. This is because mosquitoes use body heat, sweat, and breath to identify a potential target. Spray-on options are effective, but require the user to directly apply chemicals repeatedly to the skin, our largest organ. Bats and birds eat very few mosquitoes. The majority of natural mosquito deaths are due to dragonflies and the mosquitofish, but they can only control so much.

Mosquito Control

Mosquito-borne illnesses

Mosquitoes are carriers of many transmittable viruses in the United States. The top four of these illnesses are listed below with their most commonly associated symptoms as is reported by the CDC. Please note, symptoms below are typical symptoms, but any of these can and do become critical life-threatening illnesses in some cases. It wholeheartedly depends on how each person’s specific body handles the illness.

  • West Nile Virus- fever, headache, joint pain, vomiting, diarrhea, rash
  • Malaria- fever, chills, flu-like illness
  • Dengue- fever with nausea, vomiting, rash, aches, and pains
  • Chikungunya- fever, joint pain, headache, muscle pain, joint swelling rash

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Mosquito Trapping Effectiveness

Trapping mosquitoes is highly effective and covers the entire surrounding area. At ProControl, our product is safe, US-EPA registered and allowed for professional use against mosquitoes. Trapping kills the adults, greatly reducing new generations of this pest. Our monthly recommended interval will greatly reduce both the risk of bites to you and your outdoor four-legged friends.

Why Pro-Control services are second to none

At ProControl, we are well aware of the reputation of mosquito control tactics. Insects such as mosquitoes are a problem, but it is also our responsibility as humans to try to reduce harmful chemical side-effects whenever possible. While many of our competitors still use pesticides that have the unfortunate and unintended side-effects of killing helpful insects such as bees and butterflies, we at ProControl do not. We recognize the importance of the bee populations and other helpful insects and in no way wish to add to their depleting numbers. Our done for you eco-friendly monthly service is a highly effective and exclusive service offered only to ProControl customers. You cannot buy our environmentally safe and highly effective product at retail stores.

⦿ Highly effective Mosquito Trap

⦿ Does not need electricity

From backyard barbecues to simply sitting outside relaxing and taking in a sunset, let ProControl help take mosquitoes out of your ear!

Our done for you eco-friendly monthly service is a highly effective and exclusive service offered only to ProControl customers. You cannot buy our environmentally safe and highly effective product at retail stores. Our mosquito traps require no electricity and will never disrupt your quiet with annoying zapping. Safe for humans, animals, the environment, our product is effective, giving you the freedom of being outside again. For many, mosquitoes are the epitome of what’s wrong with living in Florida, but they don’t have to be. Control their populations and you regain your back-yard.