Termite Control in Port St. Lucie

Termites eating a home in Port St. Lucie, FL that needs expert termite control services

Termites cause millions of dollars in home damages across the state of Florida each year and billions in the United States. Since termites feed on wood, they can do significant structural damage to homes and businesses. These insects usually live in or near your home before they are even discovered. A single termite nest can spread very rapidly, causing extreme damage. With ProControl termite control in Port St. Lucie, we can quickly discover the source of your infestation, eliminate entire colonies of termites and apply underground preventative treatments to protect your biggest investment for the future. ProControl utilizes special high-quality tools and traps to locate new and existing termite nests and eliminate them as quickly as possible.

The Dangers of Termites in Port St. Lucie

The biggest danger about infestations by termites is that they grow very fast and spread at an alarming rate. They are also one of the world’s most famous insects for being resilient. With wood being their primary target, this may and will cause severe damage to your home and any structure made out of or containing wood.

An attack of termites on a house is happening due to :

  • Humidity
  • Wood on the ground
  • Dead trees or stumps lying around the house

Unfortunately, people don’t realize that termites are invading their home until the infestation is already well into its cycle. Therefore, this requires that imminent and effective solutions are desperately needed. Before beginning the removal process of the termites, you may want to trace the source of the infestation. In most cases, you will find termites getting into your home from your crawl space, around plumbing in your slab or cracks in the slab and exterior walls. They build tunnels and underground passageways around your home to remain safe from any potential harm.

Their nests are usually kept far away from the area in which there is no deadwood anymore. Termites are famous for being food for a large number of other animals, so they have evolved to have a well-developed defence system.


There are three classes of termites living within colonies:

  • Termite workers:
  1. Chew up the wood
  2. Build the nest
  3. Take care of the young ones
  • Termite soldiers:
  1. Maintain a decent safety level
  2. Defend all members of the swarm
  • Termite queen and king:
  1. Remain close to the core of the nest
  2. Control the hundreds of eggs dispatched every hour
  3. Ensure the increasing numbers of family members

Two most common species of termites:

Subterranean Termites

Although they primarily live underground, subterranean termites can live above ground if they find a protected location that provides the moisture they need to survive. Cellulose is another item they require for survival, which is why they feed on paper, wood and other products that contain it.

Determining the scale of subterranean termite infestation is not that easy. Termites attack from the ground, therefore this gives them a lot of room to work around with and find different passages to their target.

Drywood Termites

Unlike their subterranean termites, drywood termites do not need moisture to survive. They can live in wood that contains less than three percent moisture, steering clear of moist or decaying wood products. They attack various types of wood products, from structures to furniture. Their damage is only less intense than subterranean termites because the species is not as widespread.

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What treatments eliminate termites in Port St. Lucie?

Tim-bor Professional is by far the most efficient product on the market. It protects your home from all kinds of pests, such as:
  • Termites
  • Ants
  • Mold
  • Beetles

The active ingredient in Tim-bor Professional is a natural borate mineral salt and micronutrient called Disodium Octaborate Tetrahydrate (DOT). It is now sold as a water-soluble borate powder. With the versatility of Tim-bor Professional, it can be applied by our Pest Control Management Professionals as a dust, spray, foam, or mist onto wood and cellulose building materials or inside wall voice, cracks and crevices for additional protection.

Here are some of the benefits of this product:
  • Won’t discolor or stain wood surfaces
  • Won’t corrode screws, nails and other components used in construction
  • Odorless
  • Perfect for indoors and outdoors use
  • Manufactured with a concern for the environment

The Science Behind Tim-Bor Professional

Tim-bor Professional gives a special borate active ingredient. It is superior to traditional boric acid. It maximizes:

  • The solubility
  • The rate of dissolution
  • The boric oxide content


This product prevents pest infestation by inhibiting termites’ metabolism on a cellular basis. The tetrahydroxyborate anion forms a chelate complex with the cis-adjacent hydroxyl groups. In this configuration, the pentose phosphate pathway or the tricarboxylic acid pathway disappear. So does the cellular energy generating those mechanisms. This includes adenosine triphosphate production.


Once applied, the borate active ingredient in Tim-bor Professionals creates a protective envelope on the material which remains for years of protection. When the dust gets onto the insects, they begin to cleanse themselves which causes them to consume the boron during the cleansing process and therefore eliminate them.

Termite Treatment that Keeps Your Loves Ones Safe in Port St. Lucie, FL

Many pest control companies utilize harsh chemicals to exterminate termites and other pests as quickly as possible. While this may be effective in eliminating the infestation, it can end up placing human and animals lives in danger. This is why at ProControl we are proud to utilize safe extermination measures to rid your home of unwanted pests.

By utilizing Tim-bor Professional, we are able to more efficiently and safely exterminate termites. Within the formula, the active ingredient DOT is a natural form of the element boron, which is essential for the healthy growth of plants. It has also been known to be important in human calcium metabolism. DOT additionally has low mammalian toxicity so you and your animals are protected. Tim-bor Professionals is about half as toxic as sodium chloride, or better known as table sale, and the DOT ingredient has low acute toxicity with no known resistance.

Focus on Termite Prevention

Prevention is the best way of dealing with future termite infestations. This can prevent the problem from happening in the first place. With special traps or chemicals sprayed onto the surrounding soil, termites will disappear. This kind of procedure needs a lot of attention. Still, it will reduce the risk of a termite infestation in your home, making it easier to deal with if it does occur. At ProControl, our extermination method works as both a treatment and preventative measure so we can reduce the chances of your home having another infestation in the future.


There are many prevention measures. You can take them to prevent an infestation from happening in the first place.


  • Termite traps: They have become one of the most popular solutions for this. You will be able to prevent an entire infestation from happening in the first place.
  • Physical obstacles: They will prevent the termites from entering your premises. How? By blocking all the underground channels.


How much does it cost for termite removal?

Termites are quite difficult to deal with, especially when the infestation has gone out of hand. They can cause severe damage to wooden structures all-around your comfortable home. Depending on the severity of the damage, you might be over your head with expenses. It’s important to know about an appropriate termite treatment cost. After all, this is the second phase of dealing with termite infestation damage. You will also need to get rid of them before anything else.


This might be a lengthy process so you will need to find another place to stay as well. There is a lot of general expenses involved in this process. For today, let’s stick with damage treatment only. Everything else is difficult to rationalize. It all depends on your environment and other people’s help.


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Disclaimer : *There are no “miracle solutions” for termite treatments. We endorse this product and highlight the market claims. ProControl does not endorse a “miracle solution” but gives our customers an honest evaluation for dealing with termites