Famous People from Vero Beach, Florida

Famous People from Vero Beach, Florida

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Many celebrities are attracted to Vero Beach, Florida. Its prestigious establishments boost the city’s visibility. These include the Vero Beach Hotel & Spa and the Costa d’Este Beach Resort & Spa founded by Gloria Estefan herself.

Here are some of the celebrities who have established a strong link with Vero Beach.

Born and Raised in Vero Beach

Country singer Jake Owen was born and raised in Vero Beach. He traveled its roads, rolled in the sand of its beaches, and attended its local school. He is thus a local man in every sense of the word and is very proud of it. He speaks of Vero Beach with a gentle smile. It reflects the happy moments he spent with his family and friends there. His performance at the city’s music festival in 2017 is a beautiful tribute to his childhood.

Even after he became famous and recognized, he still shows great generosity. We can cite for example the Jake Owen Foundation. It aims to provide financial support to youth organizations in the region. It also supports charitable programs in Vero Beach, particularly for children with cancer.

Famous People That Call Vero Beach Their Home

The writer Carl Hiaasen wrote his stories in Vero Beach. He takes an analytical look at the city and its inhabitants. His writings are always relevant and up to date. They deal with issues that affect Florida society. They also show respect for the natural beauty of the region. The best example of this in his book “Hoot”. It displays a group of young people feel a strong connection to Vero Beach. They dedicate most of their time to its conservation. Readers recognize the sunny shores, the quiet seaside, and the natural areas of Vero Beach.

Famous People Visiting Vero Beach

Many famous people have invested their time and energy in Vero Beach. We can cite Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jordan, Mike Tyson, Jay Leno, Jennifer Lopez, and Taylor Swift.

The rundown of others incorporates:

  • Jane Pauley from the Today Show
  • TV news reporter John Stossel
  • TV gourmet experts Emeril Lagasse and Rachael Ray
  • Previous NFL quarterback Doug Flutie
  • Entertainers Vin Diesel and the late John Candy
  • Resigned boxing champion Oscar de la Hoya
  • Baseball Hall of Fame catcher Johnny Bench
  • Golf player Kenny Perry
  • Tennis Hall of Famers Stan Smith and Mats Wilander
  • Creator John Feinstein
  • Previous bluegrass music star Barbara Mandrell