Free Termite Inspection West Palm Beach

A termite inspection is not an easy task. Termites always move out of the way. They make some of their trademark passages in unsuspecting places. It is important to get help on localizing the nest. If done at an early stage, an inspection will save you a good amount of money in the long run. ProControl Services run free termites inspections. Call them now.

How to recognize Termite Droppings?

hey will always seek out for an opening through which they can progress, such as:

  • Mud
  • Copper pipes
  • Heating
  • Silicone isolation
  • Windows
  • Floor cracks
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They can’t chew through concrete. This is why you should always check your house in the littlest detail. It will help you find possible penetration spots for the termites. To find the core of the problem, you need to acknowledge all traces termites end up leaving:

1) Chewed up wood

2) Termite droppings

3) Sounds they make while chewing

These are all aspects that you need to pay attention to. Trace them down if you want to detect the core of the infestation.

Tracing the Termites

Termites leave a huge mess behind, which is difficult to repair. Wooden parts they chew through should be then thrown away. There is no way for you to replace wooden parts of your closet, bed or floorboard.

The expenses involved in the termite infestation aftermath are high. It is better to play it smart and invest in prevention measures. Those include termite traps mentioned above as well as some others. Physical obstructions have proven to be very efficient in preventing termite infestations. But it is all about combining the two methods to achieve the highest degree of efficiency.

Common Termite Treatments

In some cases, this is too much work, but there are plenty of others. A very efficient method of this is termite traps. Those will lead termites away from your home due to their attractive content inside.

Termites go for deadwood. This is their primary source of nutrients, energy, and food and there is no deader wood than paper. Cardboard and paper can be also used for this trap. But it’s more important to use a slow-acting poison. The latter will release among the termites, finally reaching the queen.

Once the queen is dead, so is the whole nest since there will be no more termites to be born. This whole process is a bit longer due to the sheer number of termites involved in one nest. But it can also be a benefit since the toxin will spread faster.

Schedule Your Free Termite Inspection

Termites work hard and these insects have become very resilient. It’s tough to deal with them so it’s best to keep them away from your house with the methods described above. Some common-sense guidelines should be then kept in mind. Those include not leaving dead stumps or anything made out of wood to be sitting in your backyard. Instead, schedule a free inspection by ProControl Services at (888)466-9772.