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termite control

Termites are sneaky pests that can swiftly establish termite colonies in your home before causing considerable termite damage. Termite colonies in your home can quickly accrue a lot of damage in your Port St Lucie home or commercial property, feeding primarily on wood and wood products. Discolored drywall, peeling paint, hollow-sounding wood, and tiny holes in the drywall are all indicators of termite infestation.

It is crucial to secure your home from termites by hiring a top-rated Port St Lucie termite control as soon as you see the first sign of termite infestation. If you leave a termite colony untreated for too long, your walls, floors, and the overall structure of your home may become badly damaged. 

At Pro Control Management Services, we offer the best termite treatment and prevention for your home and offices in Port St Lucie. Our specialized termite treatment can kill termites and secures your home and office from any existing termite infestation.

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Termite treatments in Port St Lucie

Termite treatments in Port St Lucie     The native subterranean termites are the most prevalent termite in most of Port St Lucie city. The tiny dry wood termites and the invasive Formosan termite are two less frequent termite species found in Port St Lucie homes and businesses.

Because termites can go undetected by the untrained eye, it’s critical to have a qualified specialist inspecting your property regularly before severe damage occurs. ProControl Management Services can discover even the tiniest hint that termites are present in your home.

Count on us to apply the appropriate treatment method. These treatments can range from foundation treatments and perimeter baiting systems to tape & seal fumigation, heat treatments, and even vault fumigation or tent fumigation.

Top-rated termite prevention and pest control

Top-rated termite prevention and pest control     When it comes to termites, out of sight doesn’t always mean out of mind. The National Pest Management Association produced a new research study that shows how much damage termites can cause if left untreated. 

Our experts at Pro Control Management Services can both detect existing infestations and help you prevent any sort of termite infestation in the future. Trust us to do a thorough evaluation of your property before offering a treatment plan to help safeguard your Port St Lucie home or offices. 

We understand that every home is different and that not all customer’s needs are the same. Our highly customized pest control solutions are catered to each individual client and property.

termite control
termite treatment

Is it possible for you to control termite infestation on your own?

Is it possible for you to control termite infestation on your own?     For residential or commercial termite infestations, it’s not recommended to control termites on your own. Termite control involves specialized knowledge and skills. Termite control makes use of specialized equipment, including spray tanks and metal rods for soil injection.

Homeowners’ “do-it-yourself” products hardly eliminate an existing termite infestation, plus it is also not advisable for you to handle all those dangerous chemicals yourself. Termite treatment is a job best left to professionals with extensive experience controlling termite infestations, such as ProControl Management Services.

What method of termite treatment is the most effective?

When we talk about types of termite treatments, they can be divided into regular liquids and baits. 

Liquid termiticides 

Termiticides in liquid form have been around for decades. Their goal is to create a long-lasting “barrier” in the soil that inhibits termites from infiltrating and infesting structures. Termites already inside the structure usually die off as well, as they cannot return to the earth for moisture. Most liquid termiticides act as repellant barriers. In most cases, such products are more effective at controlling infestations upon the first application. 

Termite baits to treat the infestation

Baiting is the other type of treatment used for termite treatment. Termite baits are made out of cellulose-based food and a termite-killing agent. The baits are placed in cylindrical plastic stations below ground in the yard. Other sorts of bait stations are sometimes put over active mud tubes. The bait is consumed by foraging termites, who then share it with their nestmates, resulting in a progressive reduction in termite numbers. 

Baits may be the only kind of treatment needed on some properties; however, on others, bait may be used in conjunction with liquid applications to places where termites have been found.

Regardless of the termite control method you choose, it’s essential to hire a reliable and trusted pest control and termite treatment company such as ProControl Management services.

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