Things to do in Fort Pierce, Florida

Things to do in Fort Pierce, Florida

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First time in Fort Pierce, Florida? Local residents looking for a family activity? The city has a lot to offer for everyone. Discover its amazing spots with this guide.

Family Activities

  • Summer Crush Vineyard & Winery

A large covered area decorated in a casual style. Plenty of space outside to sit on the grass with various picnic tables. There are two homemade beer and wine bars. There is also a good space for a dance floor. In a word, this place is perfect for a group, whether with friends or family. Enjoying alcohol is, of course, an advantage. But the event is open to everyone.

  • Al’s Family Farms

In this market, you can see the fruit from the tree to the package. You can also ship citrus fruits to your home. It’s a great visit for all ages. 

They have an excellent selection of delicious citrus fruits. You can taste the citrus fruits and juice on site. A bomb of freshness, a real treat! The honey juice is the best in the region. Enjoy an interesting loyalty program.

Cultural Visits

  • Navy Seal Museum

This museum contains only real pieces that have been used or belonged to real soldiers. It is well organized. It has separate sections covering: modern wars, the Vietnam war, and World War II. The staff is very welcoming and will be able to inform you. It’s a place full of the history of the famous Navy seals. A good laugh on the course of the fighter. Military personnel and their families get a discount on the entrance fee.

  • Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute at Florida Atlantic University

Lots to see and learn. They’re doing a great job for marine life and humanity. The staff gives a little informative tour. Enjoy aquariums, aquatic skeletons, deep-sea drones, and research on restocking various species of lagoons in Indian rivers. There is a small souvenir shop at the end of the visit.

Eating Out

  • 12A Buoy

The fish of the day is tasty and cooked in a variety of ways. The accompaniment is always complete. The restaurant is on the waterfront in a secluded marina in typical decor. The service is outstanding. The atmosphere is pleasant and friendly. The prices are quite reasonable.

  • Captain’s Galley Restaurant

For less than 10$ you can treat yourself to a complete, hearty, and delicious meal. The value for money is unbeatable. What adds to the charm of the restaurant is its cute architecture and its proximity to the port. After a day at sea, what could be better than a good meal kindly served?