Wasp Control on The Treasure Coast

Getting stung by a wasp can be very painful. For anyone allergic to wasp stings, it can be life-threatening. Should a wasp nest be found near a house, business, or a high-risk area such as a school or playground, contact ProControl Services as soon as possible!


How to protect yourself from wasps?

 Treating a wasp nest early will help you avoid painful stings. 

  1. Check for nests. Inspect your home and garden in early spring, when nests are the size of a walnut or a golf ball. Look for nests in sheds, garages, wall cavities, or under eavestroughs. 

  2. Secure garbage cans. Make sure that lids on outdoor garbage cans are properly closed. Keep garbage cans away from doors and windows so that wasps are not attracted to their contents. 

  3. Keep windows and doors closed. To prevent wasps from entering your home. 

  4. Stay safe. If you have spotted a nest, make sure your children and pets are kept away from it. 

If you spot large numbers of wasps, a nest is very likely nearby your home. Professional destruction is the only safe solution. Especially if the nest is located in difficult to access spaces such as a wall cavity.


Removing a wasp’s nest

 Even if the nest is visible or accessible, you should not remove it yourself. If the nest is high up, the help of a specialist is even more obvious. It becomes necessary if only one entrance is spotted but the whole wasp colony is not located. 

 Wasp control is always carried out using specialized equipment. If the nest cannot be precisely located, the landing area will be all treated. All wasps that come into contact with the spray immediately lose the urge to sting and die very fast. Delayed landings on treated surfaces are contaminated and die soon afterward. As the replenishment of food supplies is stopped, the brood will in turn be quickly decimated. Early morning or late evening are ideal times to treat, as the wasp population is still in the nest. 


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