5 Warning Signs of Termite Infestation – Port Saint Lucie, FL

When living in Port Saint Lucie, Fl, residents know there is no insect “season”. Keeping intruding insects at bay is a constant battle for home and business owners. When dealing with any of the six types of termites found in the great sunshine state, there are typical signs and symptoms homeowners should look for when evaluating a building.

  1. Flying Termites People often mistake flying termites for flying ants, but ants are very different when you know what to observe. Ants have different-sized wings. Termites have 4 wings that are all the same size as their body. The antennae of termites are also a give-away. Termite antennae are straight whereas ants have curved antennae.  
  2. White Ants There is no such thing as a white ant. If you are seeing white ants in or around your home, chances are good that you are observing a termite. There are three main body shapes for termites. Workers appear as “white ants” and have no wings. They have antennae and can even seem translucent.  Winged termites are swarming and are typically black or brown in color. They will lose their wings after swarming. Soldier termites are brown in color and have pincers to help protect the community. They, too, will still have antenna. Signs of Termite Infestation
  3. Tunnels and mud tubes We all know termites eat wood. While eating the wood within the walls and floors of your home, the walls will acquire newly made tunnels throughout. If you see paint chipping and/or cracking or see physical damage that includes tunnels, you most likely  have a problem. Termites will also build mud tubes to protect themselves from predators and light. These tubes are typically found outside your home and pop up overnight. If you come across these outside your Saint Lucie home or business, it’s time to seek the help of a professional exterminator such as ProControl. 
  4. Hollow Sounding Walls and Boards As termites eat tunnels through the wood of your building, walls and floors will begin to have a hollow sound when tapped on. The damaged wood will also begin to fall apart when touched when extreme damage begins to show.
  5. Sounds of Termites Termites eating the wood actually produces a very slight sound that can be heard. Simply putting your ear up to the wall will work. If you have access to a stethoscope, it will allow you to hear them quite easily. 

How Can ProControl Help?

At ProControl, it is our job to prevent termite colonization within your building and/or treat any existing termite problem you may be experiencing. With well over a decade of experience, our team can assist you with any insect problem you may encounter. If you have any of the above signs, contact our experts at ProControl.