Annual Events in Port St Lucie, Florida

Annual Events in Port St Lucie, Florida

people inside their respective event booth

Port St Lucie, Florida, is one of the liveliest cities in the area. The good thing is that activities and events are very varied. They are accessible to all ages and for all types of people. Whether you are:

  • Alone
  • With your date
  • With your group of friends
  • With your client
  • With your children

You will always find something great to do. Here are a bunch of annual events that you might be perhaps interested in.

Celebrate Beer Every Year!

The Hop Life Brewing Company organizes events on a regular basis. The aim is not only to taste different varieties of beers. But it is also to get together and share a unique moment with our friends and relatives. During the month of May, you can, for example, go to a Silent Disco evening. The goal of this one is to dance together to the music that we listen to on an individual basis. It is an original concept that is developing more and more around the world. It’s a good opportunity to establish lasting relationships. Have fun while sipping your favorite drink in Port St Lucie.

Eat, Sip & Shop Festival at Tradition Square

As with the previous event, this event links human connection and tasting. Many food trucks gather for the occasion and offer delicious local specialties. In addition to food and drinks, many local shops will present themselves to you. Win prizes and enjoy great discounts on a wide range of goods. You can wander through these shows and leave your children at the KidZone. There’s something for everyone in Port St Lucie! 

Midflorida Credit Union’s Regular Events

This non-profit association is very active in Port St Lucie and also in other cities in Florida. The activities offered by the Midflorida Credit Union are very varied:

  1. Cultural and artsy exhibitions
  2. Entertainment and outings with friends
  3. Multi-purpose charitable actions and various types of help

They are all aimed at improving the quality of your life in Port St Lucie. This association shares beautiful values that one could apply in daily life.

Look for the next date and take part in the vibrant life of Port St Lucie.