Everything You Need to Know About Termites in Jupiter Florida

Physical Description and Identification of Termites

Many people know of the damage termites cause, but are unsure when they are in actual contact with a termite. While many people see termites as simply being “white ants”, the public must understand that white ants don’t exist.  If you are seeing a white or semitransparent “ant”, it’s not an ant, but a termite. There are 6 main types of termites found in Florida. They are as follows:

  • Asian Subterranean Termite very damaging; makes mud nests; Wood structure invader; found mostly in south Florida areas; build nests below ground
  • Conehead Termite Have colonies that build nests above ground with mud tubes leading to a food source; found in South Florida, specifically Broward County
  • Eastern Subterranean Termite most common termite in the eastern United States; prefers the middle sections of wood; build nests below ground
  • Florida Dampwood Termite Found mostly in southern Florida; mostly found in wood to soil contact areas and continually moistened wooden siding; Florida Keys and Miami are hotspots for this termite
  • Formosan Subterranean Termite Very destructive; found all over the United States; Colonies have populations in the millions; invades all wooden structures including telephone poles and building lumber; build nests below ground
  • West Indian Drywood Termite Termite found in dry hard-wood or soft-wood samples such as furniture; larger than subterranean termites and 

Additionally, people need to understand the body differences between ants and termites. There are some major differences the general public can notice right away if they are able to catch a specimen. While ants have curved antennae, termites have straight antennae. The wings of termites may not last long, but all 4 wings are about the same size (the size of the termites body) and they will lose their wings after swarming. Ant wings are differently sized.

Evidence of Termite Infestation in Jupiter

Know About TermitesInfestation can present itself in many ways. Seeing a termite swarm is a definite indication of a possible infestation. Home and business owners may also see mud tunnels that may appear overnight on the outer walls of their establishment. These mud tunnels are set to block out light and predators and are a definite sign of a problem . Seeing “sawdust”, discarded wings, or frass (termite droppings) is a very strong sign of infestation as well. Frass looks like sawdust and can be salt and pepper colored. 

Wood will also show signs of a termite invasion. Peeling or bubbling paint, softened or cracked wood, and/or wood that your finger (or a screwdriver) can easily penetrate are all signs an owner may have a problem. When finding damaged wood, opening it up to find tunnels is a definite termite indication.The sooner you identify and begin treatment of the problem, the less expense and frustration you will experience. Left untreated, infestations do damage quickly! If you see any or all of these signs in your Jupiter home, call ProControl to come out and evaluate your situation. 

Preventing Termites in Jupiter

Termites are a common problem and can cost home and business owners thousands of not treated quickly and properly. To prevent termites, a few simple steps will keep you ahead of infestation. 

  1. Move firewood away from your home
  2. Avoid moist wood in your home or against the exterior of your home to the best of your ability. 
  3. Fix any leaks and pipes as soon as you realize they have a problem. 
  4. Seal your home o business against invaders
  5. Inspect your home or business regularly. 

ProControl is here for you. With over a decade of experience, you can trust us to keep your home secure for generations to come. Jupiter Florida is prone to termite infestations, but don’t fret just call ProControl Services for a FREE TERMITE INSPECTION today!