How to Prevent Termite Infestations in West Palm Beach

Our experts at ProControl not only treat West Palm Beach termite infestations, but will work with home and business owners to actively prevent termite infestations. Below are our top recommendations to help keep termites at bay.

Control Moisture

In order to survive and thrive termites need a fair amount of moisture and we know West Palm Beach is home to a very active rainy season. We can’t control the weather, but we can control how we allow weather to affect our homes. Preventing moisture buildup around the foundation of your home greatly reduces the chances of a termite infestation. Check all drainage around your home and make sure water is able to drain away from the structure of the building and fix all leaks as soon as you find them. Not only will this save money on your monthly water bill, but a lack of moisture is a great deterrent for termites. 

Yard Waste- Do’s and Don’ts

Make sure all piles of organic debris and yard waste are away from the structure of your home. As we just discussed, termites love moisture. Moisture-rich organic wood material is the perfect environment for a healthy termite colony and tends to become infested with termites rather quickly. This rule also applies to winter wood piles for fireplaces. Many people store these piles close to their homes for easy access. Although a colder option, we recommend storing such wood piles a minimum of 15-20 feet away from your home. 

Inspect for Structural Changes

Prevent Termite InfestationsIf you notice any changes to the structure of your home such as rotting boards or crumbling paint, address them immediately. These could be signs of the start of a colony in your home. Initial areas of infestation can be found anywhere but often include window and door frames, porches, and areas close to outdoor wooded areas. Also keep watch for mud tubes around the outdoor structure of your home. Mud tubes are a very typical sign of an existing termite colony. 

Seal all Cracks into Home

Termites can enter a building through the smallest of openings. Doing quick routine monthly or bi-weekly inspections of your home to look for access points can prevent the loss of substantial time and money! Termites are very small creatures who- in order to establish a colony- need access to your home’s wooden components. Essentially, sealing any and all entries allowing access to the internal structure of your home is the only way to completely keep termites out. When inspecting your home , pay close attention to your home’s foundation, windows, and doors. If you notice any small holes or cracks, seal them immediately.

Avoid Wooden Curb Finds

We know sometimes passing the curbside TV stand, table, or grandfather clock without picking it up can be difficult. Especially in this time of Pinterest and renovation TV shows. So many creative people see what those discarded items could become rather than what they are. What they may be, however, is termite infested. This may be the reason they were discarded in the first place. Avoid or be very picky picking up curbside furniture. It only takes one entrypoint into your home to infest your living space. 

If you would like help to identify or terminate an existing termite infestation in the West Palm beach area, call ProControl for an evaluation. FREE TERMITE INSPECTION is how ProControl gives back to the West Palm Beach community!