Mosquito Control Services on the Treasure Coast

Mosquito Control FloridaContrary to popular belief, mosquitos are harmful insects: that carry bacteria and viruses. Their presence on the premises represents a real health hazard. They are also very annoying with their itchy, buzzing bites.

Are Mosquitoes swarming around your property or even in your industrial premises? Call ProControl Services to get rid of them once and for all.


Why hire professionals for Mosquito Control?

It is true that there are many products available on the market that are designed to kill mosquitoes. But they are only short-term solutions. The components of these products contain elements harmful to your health and the environment. Using professional mosquito control is a much safer solution.

At ProControl Services, we set up mosquito traps that will allow us to get rid of them in a sustainable way. Indeed, some species of mosquitoes manage to survive the winter inside the house. Our experience in the field allows us to put in place the best solutions to solve your mosquito problems once and for all.


A Company Specializing in Mosquito Control

Protect yourself from mosquitos by proceeding to mosquito control by a professional pest control company on the Treasure Coast.

ProControl Services brings its expertise and know-how to individuals, local authorities, and professionals. The main principles of mosquito control are:

  • Chemical control
  • Biological control
  • Mechanical control
  • Environmental control

With your well-being and safety in mind, we will put in place the most effective mosquito control treatments.

We also set up a high level of security for your protection and that of your entourage. During each intervention, we offer complete treatments that take care of both your building and your garden.


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ProControl Services is a company that has specialized in pest control and prevention for several years now. This is why we are able to offer you the best services for any mosquito control operation on the Treasure Coast.

Our certified mosquito control team has all the necessary skills to install mosquito control methods. Thanks to our experience in mosquito control, ProControl Services is able to respond to all your requests for control and prevention against all forms of pests, with professionalism and rigor.

For each mosquito control operation, we proceed step by step:

  1. Identification of the species of mosquitoes present
  2. The causes of the emergence of mosquitoes
  3. The degree of mosquito infestation at the scene
  4. Appropriate treatments according to the situation
  5. Follow-up if needed

All these steps allow us to target our actions on the most efficient methods and treatments. All are adaptable to each situation that arises. At the same time, we guarantee you a fast and effective service for your Treasure Coast mosquito control.

We remain at your disposal to better understand your needs. You will be able to make an appointment according to your availability so that we can adapt to your needs. Contact us to find out more about our mosquito control services on the Treasure Coast.