Pest Control in West Palm Beach

Pest Control in West Palm Beach


Termites and most other social insects are very simple. They only need one thing for their survival. In the case of termites, they need plenty of wood. They get rid of any dead wood that might be in the way for new plants to grow. They are often referred to as nature’s forest cleaners. 

This already indicates a problem since a lot of our homes are actually built out of deadwood. Termites don’t know the difference between a collapsed tree or planks used on the side of your house. Because of this, termites have become one of the biggest threats to houses. Especially those featuring wooden foundation and load-bearing poles.

Are you suffering from a termite infestation in your property? Today is your lucky day. ProControl designed a product that kills termites and other pests on the spot. Keep reading to find out more about this miracle solution. 

How to Get Rid of Termites in West Palm Beach? 

It can take up to two weeks to find all termites in West Palm Beach. If you deal with only one squad of termites, the rest will catch up very fast. You’re faced with the same problem over and over again. 

Tim-bor Professional is a fast and efficient way to treat a structure for target pests. You can use this product on its own or in conjunction with other treatments as:

  • A wood preservative
  • A fungicide
  • An insecticide

Where Should I look for Termites?

The problem with a termite infestation is how fast they are chewing through the wood in your house. In most cases, door frames are the first to get it, but there is no specific rule.

Floorboards are also an easy target for termites. These are hollow and serve as poor protection to the softer wood beneath it. In most cases, termites will attack in many different regions. This will make it even more difficult to find the source of the infestation. It will become complicated to deal with it in a quick and efficient manner. 

You can use Tim-bor Professional in all hiding spots. This includes wood, cellulose building materials or inside wall voids, cracks and crevices. This product is very flexible. Depending on the type of pests or the degree of infection, use it as a dust, a spray, a foam or a mist. It protects your home from invasions of: 

  1. Dry-wood termites
  2. Carpenter ants
  3. Wood decay fungi
  4. Wood-boring beetles.

Your “Miracle Solution” is One Call Away!

Termites will eat the core of the wood. This is making it very fragile. Almost like cardboard paper. This means that you will have a bunch of extra costs fixing those floorboards and door frames. This is already a considerable cost. 

Tim-bor Professional can help you get rid of termites while saving money. It is the perfect solution for all kinds of pests, thus contributing to its popularity. Check it out by yourself at (888)466-9772.

*There are no “miracle solutions” for termite treatments. We endorse this product and highlight market claims. ProControl does not endorse a “miracle solution” but gives our customers an honest evaluation for dealing with termites