Port St Lucie Termite Identification Guide for 2021

Termite Identification Guide for Port Saint Lucie in 2021


Spotting termites on your property might be easier said than done. Having a proper termite identification guide for Port St Lucie residents is our goal. What do termites look like? What are these termites with wings? Why is it difficult to identify termites properly? What is so important about identifying the damages caused by termites? How do we control and prevent termites in Port St Lucie? Who is the best pest control company for termites in Port Saint Lucie? There are a lot of questions to be answered in this press release! We hope to educate our readers on what to look for and what to do if and when signs of a termite infestation are found!

What do termites look like

In Florida, termites look similar to ants, small in size, and often confused for one another. Due to the fact that there are several species of termites, concluding what type of termite you are challenged with can be difficult. Simply knowing the difference between an ant and a termite is a great start in the process of identifying termites in Port St Lucie. ProControl Services offers termite control & prevention, the first thing our team does is identify what species of termite is infesting your home. Termites, being so small and secretive, are hard to see and usually you will see the evidence of their infestation before you actually see them. It is difficult to train the eye on what to look for when spotting termites simply by reading through a press release, but at least we can attempt to educate on what to actually look for when scanning for termites on your property in Port St Lucie! Port Saint Lucie is a wonderful place for termites due to the warm, damp climate.

Pests like termites- being so hard to identify- really do require the proper identification to ensure the most effective termite treatment for the situation. When dealing with termites, or suspected termites, you can get a free termite inspection in Port St Lucie. Having the right inspection will ensure proper identification and a termite control method can be chosen that will be the most appropriate for the owner’s situation. Do not try to treat termites control diy!

If you need help identifying termites in Port St Lucie, call Joe at ProControl Management!

What are termites with wings

Termite swarmers do indeed look like flying ants, so the confusion between ants and termites is understandable! As mentioned previously, proper termite identification is critical at controlling these pests as the species you are dealing with dictates the treatment! Let’s shed light on what termites with wings really look like. 

The job of Winged termites, or swarmers, is to reproduce and spread the colonies. This is a bad sign on any property! Termite’s wings are a two-wing pair for both males and females. If you see ant-looking, two-winged insects inside your house, you have a big problem and need to call Joe as soon as possible! Most of the time, our property owners find these pests flying around the window sills and light bulbs as they are highly attracted to light!

How do swarmers invade your house? Well, the male and female winged termites leave an existing colony when the conditions are just right. In the air, they swarm together, land on the ground, shed their wings, mate, and form a whole new termite colony. So what is the difference between a Winged Ant & Termite Swarmer? 

Winged Ant vs Termite “Swarmer”

  1. Waist: Ants will have a pinched waist as termites are more straight and tubular
  2. Antennae: Ants antennae are bent and termites are completely straight
  3. Wing Lengths: Ants wings are different lengths and termites are both the same size wing
  4. Discard Wings: Ants do not shed their wings and termite do shed their wings. Look on window sills

Knowing what you now know, do you believe you have spotted termites on your property? Be warned, these invasive pests are extremely destructive and if any signs point to an infestation, it is extremely time sensitive. You need to call ProControl today! We are termite specialists and know how to identify termite species and how to treat and prevent them in the future! Again, if you suspect termites- or any pest for that matter- do not wait! Call Joe at ProControl to get a free inspection and avoid stress and confusion of self-diagnosis.

Port St. Lucie Termite Identification Difficulties

With this detailed information, many property owners still struggle to correctly identify termites. These destructive insects are only the size of a pencil tip, but their impact collectively can bring down a whole house! Unfortunately, by the time you identify there are termites in hidden locations, they have already nested and the reproduction cycle has begun! The best way to prevent termites is the call ProControl Services and get a pre-termite treatment to ensure a fighting chance! If you have identified evidence of termite damage, time is of the essence! This guide should help assist with the identification of damage and help to get expedited treatment for the issue at hand. If you are proactive, you will call Joe and schedule a free termite inspection and a pre-termite treatment! No termite identification needed if you have no termites!

Control & Prevention of Termites in Port St Lucie

Once you call Joe at ProControl, an accurate identification of the situation can be made. With an accurate ID of the termite species involved, a proper treatment of a liquid termiticide treatment and other pet and children friendly treatments can be deployed. Our mission is to not have to bomb, or termite tent, a residence as it’s the most extreme method of killing the pests. The best control for termites is prevention from pre-treatments!

Identifying Damage Caused By Termites

At this point you shold be able to positively identify a termite if you happen to see one, or signs of one; however, knowing the signs of termite swarmers is not enough! Most of the time, if you know what to look for, you won’t see the termites, but the signs of their presence or damage they create. If you have termites, fear not! Our expert termite hunters will find their nest and help assess the damages caused by these pests. Here is some evidence of damage based on termite species.

Subterranean termites

You will find the damage from these termites from the ground up. They enter the building through the ground and areas like crawl spaces and foundations are at greatest risk. ProControl offers a pre-construction soil treatment that ensures no termites will enter a new home, as well as an existing establishment treatment to ensure no new infestations can occur. To find evidence of subterranean termites damage look for damage to the wood and mud tubes. You can find hollow tunnels coined “galleries” which will run along the grain of the damaged wood. 

Drywood termites

Drywood termites usually enter the building from an exposed piece of wood near the roof. The roof line and exposed wood during swarming season for drywood termites is their paradise and your nightmare. They will quickly eat holes into the wood and scatter the remains through dust in the air! If the problem is really bad, frass piles will build up and deep galleries will be revealed.

Who to call for Termites in Port St Lucie

If you believe you have a termite infestation or just want to make sure you are termite-free, time is ticking to get professional assistance to your property. DIY termite control is not a great solution to a fierce problem. ProControl can termite-proof your property with the proper treatments, you just have to call Joe! He will come out and give you a free termite inspection in Saint Lucie County. Learn more about ProControl’s termite warranty and termite inspection or just call Joe!