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Preventative Termite Treatments For Homes On Florida’s Treasure Coast By ProControl Management

Is your Port St Lucie, Florida home under attack by termites? Termites cause millions of dollars in damage to homes on the Treasure Coast every year. Many homeowners, however, do not know the warning signs or what preventative measures they should be taking to protect their homes from an infestation.

Signs Of Termite Infestation In Your Jupiter, Florida Home

The termite control experts at ProControl Management Services have put together a list of the telltale signs of a termite infestation at your Jupiter, Florida home.

  • Drywall that has become discolored or appears to be drooping
  • Damage to paint that looks like water damage
  • Multiple tiny holes in drywall
  • Floorboards, laminate, and other flooring that is buckling
  • Wood that sounds hollow when tapped on
  • Squeaky floorboards
  • Loose and falling tiles

If you notice some or all of these signs in your home, it’s time to call ProControl Management Services and ask about our termite eradication and prevention plans.

What To Expect When ProControl Management Services Inspects Vero Beach, Florida Home

At ProControl Management Services we understand how much damage a termite infestation can do to your Vero Beach, Florida home. That is why when you call us out to inspect your home, we take the job very seriously.

Our highly trained pest control technician will look for signs of current activity and for possible   entry points in the following areas of your home:

  • Roof eaves and exterior wood and siding
  • Deck and patio areas
  • Any areas where there is contact between wood and the ground
  • Interior walls
  • Cabinets and window ledges
  • Attics, crawl spaces, and basements
  • Sink taps in the kitchen and bathrooms

Once a thorough inspection and evaluation have been completed, your ProControl Management Services technician will recommend the right preventative termite treatments for your Vero Beach, Florida home.

Preventative Termite Treatments For You Stuart, Florida Home.

ProControl Management Services is proud to offer a full range of preventative termite treatments to protect your Stuart, Florida home from an invasion of termites.

Termidor Liquid Termite Treatment.

Termidor was first introduced to the pest control industry by BASF Pest Control Solutions in the year 2000. This solution is safe for use both indoors and outdoors and is often used in the foundations of a building to form a protective barrier around your property. This barrier prevents termites entering and forming colonies in your home. Termidor not only provides immediate protection from termite infestations, but it also guards against future problems. The amount of the solution applied will be carefully monitored by your ProControl Management Services technician from visit to visit.

Injected Foam Treatment.

Dry foam is used to fill and treat the empty areas and spaces in the interior and exterior walls of your home. It can also be applied around heating ducts and water pipes and under the slab of your house. After the foam has been injected into these spaces it expands to fill them, forming a chemical and physical barrier against termite infestations. Your ProControl Management Services technician can pinpoint the exact locations around your home where the application of foam treatment will be most effective.

Sentricon Bait.

The Sentricon Bait system was developed and introduced by Dow AgroSciences in 1995. 

Worker termites take the bait and bring it back to share with the entire colony. The bait inhibits the growth of the termites and does not allow them to reach maturity, thus killing off the colony. It is applied to areas that are high risk for attracting termites. Typically these are damp areas like moist soil or mulch, tree stumps, sprinkler heads, and gutter downspouts.

The progress of the treatment will be monitored by your ProControl Management Services technician.

Whichever treatment your technician recommends for your Stuart home, you can rest assured knowing that it is backed by our 100% satisfaction and effectiveness guarantee. 

What Termite Prevention Steps Can Homeowners in Palm City, Florida Take?

There are a number of steps that Palm City, Florida homeowners can take themselves to help prevent a termite infestation of their property.

  • Remove any moisture-retaining materials from around your house, like old tree stumps and rotted wood fence posts.
  • Keep faucets, water pipes, and AC units in good repair and free from leaks and standing water.
  • Repair or replace all rotten roof shingles.
  • Keep gutter water diverted away from the foundations of your house by properly positioning downspouts.
  • Maintain an 18-inch gap between soil and any wooden elements on the structure of your home.
  • Be sure to store piles of firewood at least 20 feet away from your house.
  • Schedule regular home inspections with ProControl Management Services to catch the signs of infestation early and eliminate termite problems before serious damage has been done.

ProControl Management Services – The Leaders In Termite Control On Florida’s Treasure Coast.

Whether your home is in Port St. Lucie, Jupiter, Vero Beach, Stuart, Palm City, or any other community on Florida’s Treasure Coast, you can rest assured knowing that ProControl Management Services will work hard to keep your home free of termites year-round.

Our goal is to provide a safe and healthy environment in your family home. We do this by offering a full range of services to control pests such as termites, spiders, flies, roaches, bedbugs, ants, and many more. We strive to provide excellent service and dependable results for our customers every day by focusing on three main principles:

Value For Money.

ProControl Management Services may not always have the lowest price for pest and termite control, but we do offer the best level of service and care to our customers and their homes. Our prices are always fair and we stand behind our work 100%. You will never be charged for a return visit on any of our services and we will not rest until your pest issues have been resolved.

Trained Professionals.

At ProControl Management Services we pride ourselves on training and keeping our technicians up to date with the latest thinking and innovations in the pest control industry. 

We guarantee a fully licensed and trained technician on every job who will be dedicated to defending and protecting your family home from infestations of termites and other unwelcome pests.

No Job Too Big or Too Small.

No pest control job is too big or too small for ProControl Management Services. No matter what size or type of home you live in, our professional pest control technicians are ready to take ownership and personal responsibility for keeping your home termite and pest free. We believe that every customer is our most important customer and we guarantee the same excellent level of customer service and professionalism with every job.

Call ProControl Management Services today and ask about our free home inspections and affordable pest control and prevention plans for your home.