Things to do in Vero Beach, Florida

Things to do in Vero Beach, Florida

couple walking in the beach with people behind them enjoying the beach

Vero Beach, Florida, is a city that combines charm, modernity, and hospitality. Explore its streets and take part in local events for experiences you will never forget. This guide also presents must-see places to eat, drink, and party.

Cultural Visits

  • McLarty Treasure Museum

A fascinating place to learn more about the relics of the Spanish fleet. You can enjoy an informative film. It displays a magnificent view of the treasure coast where many shipwrecks occurred. A worthy visit for the admission of only $2.

  • Vero Beach Museum of Art

This museum is small in size but gets exhibits that other large museums would like to have. Space is very well laid out. You can enjoy great rotating shows and a magnificent permanent collection.

Family Activities

  • McKee Botanical Garden

The garden is of accessible size, it can be easily appreciated in two hours. It offers a pleasant walk through a variety of flora native to Florida. Waterfalls and artificial bridges are scattered throughout the garden. The garden hosts many ephemeral exhibits. Recently there were sea sculptures. They were all made from recycled flip-flops that washed up on the shores of Africa. There is an area for children that includes water games and climbing possibilities. You can also enjoy an on-site restaurant.

  • Riverside Theatre

Along with the excellent and regular performances, enjoy Comedy Zone events. Free concerts take place every Friday and Saturday night. It is an incredible meeting place. It gives you the opportunity to interact with interesting people. All while sipping a cocktail from the bar. The costumes and orchestra are nationally-renowned. Not to mention the Dueling pianos on the Waxlax stage. Staff and volunteers make it an even better experience.


  • Vero Beach Outlets

Nice outlet mall on the I95 between Orlando and Miami. Combine business with pleasure. Taking advantage of a break to do some shopping at very interesting prices. There are good brands. Including Tommy Hilfiger, Polo Ralph Lauren, Adidas, Nike. There are clearances pretty often and that’s when it gets very interesting.

  • Vero Beach Farmer’s Market

It’s one of the best farmer’s markets on the treasure coast. Fruit and vegetable prices are much better than those of local grocery stores. There are homemade natural products and a variety of handicrafts. It’s a good activity for a Saturday morning. The market opens at 8 am, and the rush hour is 10 am.