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termite control services in Port St Lucie

Homeowners and businesses in Port St Lucie are familiar with termites. They are tiny substances though, a termite infestation can lead to costly damage. As per reports, various species of termites and similar insects cause approximately $30 billion in damage to crops and building structures in the United States. Termites can access almost any structure and material. Do you have a termite infestation and need pest control services? Call Pro Control Services today to Best Termite Pest Control Services Port St Lucie. Dial our phone number (888) 466-9772. Termite infestations do not have to ruin your day, just call ProControl today for the most effective termite treatment!


Common Termite Species In Port St Lucie

Termite treatments in Port St Lucie     At Pro Control Services, we offer the best termite pest control services Port St Lucie. With years of experience, we have developed expertise in following termite control. If you see swarming termites, call us today before the damage becomes too great! Swarming termites look like flying ants and are the workers of the colony looking for food! Sometimes you might see the wings of these pests typically on your window sills. 

Subterranean Termites

By far, Subterranean termites are the most widespread species of termites in the USA. They are often found in soil around plants due to moisture. Subterranean termite treatment is a routine task for ProControl! If the soil is not treated before construction, buildings will not have the necessary protection needed! ProControl subterranean termite service will treat the ground to protect your future buildings from being a feeding ground. Contact us today!

Drywood Termites

As the name suggests, Drywood termites are found in dry woods. Unlike subterranean termites, Drywood termites don’t need moisture. Wood is their food and they make their nest or colony throughout your wood. This can cause structural damage to buildings. 

Winged Termites

Termite swarmers, or alates, are winged termites that have a weird reproductive system. Alates, A.K.A. termite swarmers and winged termites, live in mud tubes built by worker termites. The wings of these pests look like flying ants. The wings fall off as they make their nest. This means the infestation has begun. You might see tunnels in your wood as the workers feed on your buildings. 

Worker Termites

Worker termites are most common in Florida. Their primary job is to search for food for the termite colonies. Do not let these soldiers take over your buildings, eliminate the workers with our local termite service. 

Dampwood Termites

Dampwood termites, unlike dry wood termites, are found in a wooden structure that is moist. They will still make tubes in the wood as they feed on it! 

Whatever the case is, we have the best technicians on board to offer you the best termite pest control services Port St Lucie. Call us today.

When Should You Call For Termite Control?

Rodent Control in Port St Lucie     It is not easy to recognize termite infestation, because they can easily access any material or structure. Also, a few termite species are found in the soil, so there might be termite infestation underneath your house or business building. Whether Subterranean termites, drywood termites, dampwood termites, or termite swarmers, these termites may lead to costly damage. Here is how to identify termite infestation and call us.

  • Termite colonies in your house or business
  • Mud tubes on walls or furniture
  • Check for termite damage in wooden structures at your home or business
  • Mark the places of moisture
  • Look for the other signs related to termite damage or reproduction
termite control services
termite treatment

How Can We Help You?

At Pro Control Services, we have expertise in pest control services. Over the years, we have been offering termite control services. Our process is simple; call us, tell us your zip code, get a free estimate, and book. 

Whether you have Subterranean termites, drywood termites, dampwood termites, or termite swarmers, we will visit your property, mark the termite infestation, remove the colonies and prevent reproduction. You can call us for complete termite control and insect pest control services.

Stressed about termites eating up on your plants and wooden structure? Call Pro Control Services today and get the best termite pest control services Port St Lucie.