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rodent removal port st lucie

Do you have rodents like rats and mice at your Port St Lucie property? You are not alone. According to an online survey, approximately 4.600 species of rodents and 46% of homeowners in America are likely to see a rodent in their home. For this reason, you must periodically call rodent control professionals or exterminators for a home inspection. At Pro Control, we offer the best rodent removal services Port St Lucie. If you are experiencing a rodent infestation, time is of the essence!

Our professional exterminator visits your home, checks the infestations, identifies the entry points, and performs many different techniques to help you get remove mice and rats. Call us today to protect your home and enjoy a rodent-ridden atmosphere. Start with a quote online or contact us for a quick solution! Control rodent with ProControl Pest Control!


Why Is Rodent Control Important?

rodent removal servicesRegular pest control is necessary if you have children at home because wildlife like rodents and insects may carry disease and infest your home and kitchen. The disease can affect pets in the home.  Moreover, the rodents like rats and mice can lead to costly damages, such as structural damage to homes, apartments, and offices starting from the roof down. You can count on Pro Control for the best rodent removal service in Port St Lucie. The cost of rodent control depends how many rodent traps need to be laid out with food water to bait them in. Protect your house from these pest at all cost. A rodent problem like mouse colony in the roof/attic can eat away the structure cause heavy repair bills!

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Common Signs Of Rodent Infestations?

Rodent Control in Port St Lucie     It is never too late to start looking for the signs of rodent infestations at your home or office. If you have a home or office in Port St Lucie, you should call professionals to inspect and control rodents at ease. Here’s when to call for rodent infestation control service.

  • Rodent droppings in the kitchen or around food packets
  • Signs of nibbling bed sheets and food packages
  • Nesting material (shredded fabric, paper, and dried grass)
  • Holes through walls and floors
  • Urine Odor or Pest Behavior

It can be hard to identify pest infestation and rodent entry points by yourself. Contact our expert rodent removers for professional assistance. These pests can create many young animal that will cause costly repair bills to your buildings. You need a company of specialists to deliver a solution that works!

Effective Rat Removal
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How Do We Offer Professional Rats and Mice Control Service?

rodent removal services     Rats and mice not only create nuisance but also lead to expensive damages. We believe in the Prevent, Identify, And Treat strategy for professional rodent removal services. Here is how we help you get rid of mice & rats from your property.

Initial Rodent Control

This step involves a home inspection, checking existing infestation. Our experts have years of experience and the right tools to find entry points. Pests love to use your home as shelter. Control their young before the infestation ruins your house!

Rodent Trap Setting

In this process, we primarily set the traps and bait, the most eco-friendly method for rodent removal. Trapping is the best way to prevent the spread of the animal. The trapping process is best implemented in the attic or roof, around holes, or any other access points these pests may gain entry. ProControl methods of trapping have been proven to be to most effective for the customer. The trapping process will take several visits from our company so contact us as soon as possible!


This step covers the cleaning process or estimation of rodent extermination services if required. Restrict the access of holes near the house to control the entry of these unforgiving pests. Eliminate their food sources by using exclusion methods and traps. They make shelter in your home or business for food and to create new young.

Whether Call A Local Wildlife Service Or Pest Control Professionals?

rodent removal     If you have rodents at your home or commercial property, you need professional rodent control services. The city wildlife services don’t provide rodent control for rats, mice, and rats, etc. At Pro Control Services, we offer complete rodent removal in Port St Lucie and surrounding areas. Remember, these pests carry diseases. Humans can be affected by the diseases carried by this animal. If you want to keep your home disease-free, contact us today to set up traps. We are rat and mouse specialists – as well as all other rodents. Rat control will ensure your commercial property passes food inspections – these are not pets and are attracted to food. The cost of rat control is well worth it for a company that relies on keeping the buildings without disease! Exclusion services is your solution and ProControl is there for our customer with the most humane methods.

Need to get rid of rodents from your home or office? Call today for Rodent Removal Services Port St Lucie. Start with a no-obligation quote! The health of our humans is a top priority!