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Termites eating a home in Port St. Lucie, FL that needs expert termite control services

What do termites look like?

First off, if you suspect a termite problem in West Palm Beach, Florida. Call Joe at ProControl Management Services immediately. Mention this press release for a FREE TERMITE INSPECTION! (772) 579-0230

What do termites look like? Termites look much different than ants. In the photo above, ants are on the left side & termites on the right side. Beautiful South Florida is loaded with termite species! So how does ProControl Termite Services identify signs of termite infestation? Termite signs are everything, but you must learn about termites first. How did the termites get in my property? How do you get rid of termites? Who does termite treatments in West Palm Beach? And is this termite treatment going to be safe for children and pets? Joseph Mami with ProControl will explain.

How did these termites get to the property?

Foraging. Termites’ job is to find food. Termites are looking for cellulose materials such as wood, cardboard, paper, etc. in order to establish a nest! Once these workers find their way to your house, the feast begins! If this feast is not stopped and mitigated, restored to pre termite condition, structural damage happens quickly.

Swarming. Termites do indeed swarm as the colony grows over time. Winged termites are called “Swarmers” and are sent out in search of that valuable piece of real estate! Do to warm weather most of the year in West Palm Beach, termite swarms are common 75% of the year and growing… 

What kinds of termites are found in West Palm Beach? Joe will shed detail on this topic…

What kinds of termites are in West Palm Beach Florida?

Subterranean termites west palm beach

Did you know that Florida has at least six well established invasive species? This is highly due to the beautiful sub-tropical weather year-round. There are native subterranean termites like Eastern Subterranean termites (Reticulitermes spp.) & Cuban Subterranean termite (prorhinotermes simplex). Also, invasive species of subterranean termites include Formosan subterranean termites (coptotermes formosanus), Asian subterranean termites (Coptotermes gestroi), and West Indian Subterranean termites (heterotrimers caribeus).

In addition to subterranean termite, Drywood termites consist of native and invasive as well. Native Florida Drywood Termites (Cryptotermes Cavifrons) and Drywood Termite (Incisitermes snyderi) are threatened by invasive species like West Indian Drywood Termite (crytotermes brevis) & Western Drywood Termites (Incisitermes minor).

Furthermore, Dampwood Termites like Florida Dampwood termites (Neotermes spp.) are extremely common. Do not try to identify the termites yourself, just call Joe (772) 579-0230 for your free termite inspection in and around West Palm Beach Florida.

So what must be done to stop termites?

How to get rid of termites?

Free Termite Inspection West Palm Beach

If termite damage is suspected, immediately call Joseph Mami with ProControl Management Services (772) 579-0230. His termite team has been treating termites for decades! So how to spot termites? Swarmers! If swarmers are in the area around the property, most likely the termites have already started to colonize. Be wary, a lot of people mistake the termite swarms for flying ants.

If you see winged termites, which may look like flying ants, call Joe with ProControl immediately!

This can be dangerous for the structure of any property! Seen mud tubs or any dirt build-ups around the house like inside walls, on baseboards, window sills, etc? See any of these telltale signs? How about “kick out” holes that are used for the termites to discard fecal pellets?

Termites poop?

Have you ever cleaned up termite poop? Maybe! And, to make matters worse, if you cleaned it up, and it reappeared it means you have an active termite colony. Calling Joe from ProControl is vital for termite intervention! Once the termites have been identified, then what? How does ProControl get rid of termites?

By now, you might suspect the pest control needs of many. Prevention is the best way to avoid termite damage. Joe will perform a free termite inspection and give honest recommendations and treatment options…

Subterranean Termites West Palm Beach

How to kill termites?

Here comes the hard part! Prevention is the best method for removing termites as mentioned before. Spotting swarms and immediately calling Joe will save thousands of dollars in termite damage restoration. If the termite infestation has already begun, massive action must be taken to protect the property against extensive, expensive damage! Leaving it to the professionals at ProControl is your best option! Some of the methods of control termites in West Palm Beach are Bait Station, Orange Oil, Heat, liquid repellant, liquid non-repellent, and fumigation.

ProControl’s customers insist on the safest methods for the kids and pets in the house. Each treatment is used for particular processes of eradicating the termites. Joe does not like fumigation because of the health effect and impact on the environment. Each termite damage case is different so calling ProControl immediately upon identifying works best!

Do-It-Yourself termite removal is not recommended. If the colony growth is not fully remediated, the termites will continue to wreak havoc on the property. A free termite inspection would easily worry and solve the problems before it gets out of control. 

Who treats termites in West Palm Beach 

As discussed earlier, you must call a professional to truly stop the destruction of termites in your property! If the infestation of termites has begun, time is vital. Call Joe with ProControl Management Services today for a free termite inspection and a quote to remedy. The treatment of these pests can be very harmful, or you hire a company like ProControl that uses the latest environmental, pet, and kid-friendly pest control methods. 

ProControl Management services treats termite and all pest control needs from West Palm Beach to Vero Beach in Southeast Florida. Joe and his business partner Chuck have been providing pest control services for 40 combined years. When it comes to termites, be sure you call a professional with a customer service track record. Termite treatments, in many cases, is an on-going process to ensure the termites have been eradicated. 

Google reviews ProControl Management Services a 5 Star company ensuring your trust to get the job done! After this press release, Joe hopes you have learned more about termites. If you need termite treatments in West Palm Beach Florida